Looking Back and Being Satisfied

I’ve expressed many times over the last couple of years the feeling of embarrassment and disgust that I commonly have when looking at my old code. About a year ago, I started working on a project with LimeCuda that had me excited, scared, hopeful and a bit overwhelmed all at once. Prior to starting this project […]

Non-Negotiables for Modern Web Development

I like the phrase “non-negotiable”. There is no quicker way to cut the crap and get down to business. This isn’t a post about new and hip web development tools that everyone should be using. Don’t get me wrong, I like using Sass and Grunt while playing around with Vagrant but these aren’t non-negotiables. Non-negotiables […]

Back to the Future, the Git version

I’m a huge fan of the Back to the Future series. By embracing this obsession I’ve allowed Back to the Future to become my professional quirk. References to the series have made it into almost all of my development sites over the last year.   So, here is a quick, fun Git workflow taking cues from the best […]

UX for WordPress Customizations

In January, I began working as a full-time developer at M&R Marketing Group here in Macon, GA. I’m excited about the opportunity to focus just on development full-time as well as experiencing what it’s like to develop within a full-service marketing agency. One great experience so far has been watching some of the client training […]

Genesis Shortcode Generator Plugin

I’m really not a huge fan of shortcodes. Earlier this year I wrote an article for WPDaily (now absorbed into Torque) which included my thoughts on shortcodes. Ironically, one of my arguments/concerns has come to fruition on the Torque website. A shortcode originally used for the article that was supported on WPDaily isn’t supported on […]

Set Default WooCommerce Styles on Theme Activation

I’m currently working on a commercial Genesis child theme designed to showcase WooCommerce support. One of the biggest struggles has been finding the best approach to managing custom styles without creating unnecessary clutter in the stylesheet. Set WooCommerce Defaults within the Theme There are few reasons why I’m currently leaning towards this option: I’m hooking […]

Actor Portfolio Websites

I’m excited to announce that I’ve officially pushed Actolio into beta. Actolio is a system that empowers actors to easily create their own, professionally designed acting portfolio website. Under the hood – The Bird’s-Eye View The site is built using WordPress Multisite along with several key plugins from WPMU and Gravity Forms. In addition, the […]